4 Ways Gray Away Can Help You Get Your Best Hair Ever

When it comes to good hair, many of us are willing to do ALL the things. Time-consuming salon visits every couple months? Gotta book ’em. Hyped-up hair dryers? We’ll research those for hours. TikTok tutorials for heatless waves or Barbie ponytails? We can’t not watch. Number of Instagrammers we follow mostly for cut or color inspiration? More than we’re willing to admit. And then there are the products—oh so many products. A product for every purpose. Our shower shelves and bathroom drawers spill over with bottles, yet we still can’t resist trying the next best thing.

Yet once in a while, we discover a product that promptly claims prime real estate front and center on our bathroom counter—one that gives instant-gratification results that totally live up to its claims and intended purpose, and offer unexpected benefits to boot. Sometimes, these holy-grail products actually fly a little bit under the radar, since they were originally designed to target specific hair challenges (versus sell you lifestyle hype) and are made by brands that don’t command massive sections of retail shelves. Case in point: instant-root-cover-up-dark-brown”>Gray Away Instant Root Cover Up. You might see the name and think OK, a between-salon-trips solution for people who dye their gray hair. But that’s not the whole story: This spray-on temporary color is a multi-tasking secret weapon that can make your hair look instantly better in several ways, whether your natural hair is 100 percent gray, just a little gray—or not gray at all. Instant gratification is such a rare thing when it comes to hair products, but this one checks other key boxes too: It’s cruelty-free, and also free of dicey ingredients like parabens, ammonia, peroxide, and synthetic dyes. 

Everpro Gray Away Instant Root Cover Up

Curious what this cute little pink can could do for you? You wouldn’t be a hair-loving human if you answered no. Here are four of the ways this one product could help you get your best hair ever—with minimal effort, for a change. 

Touch up your roots.

First, the obvious: This spray lets you instantly blend your roots with the rest of your hair. It does this in a zero-stress way, unlike messy powders that wear off too quickly or at-home dyes that can lead to color mishaps and hair damage. A few quick-and-neat sprays through a highly targeted nozzle lets you seamlessly erase your roots, and they’ll stay incognito for up to 24 hours or until your next shampoo (no worries about ruining your clothes: the color is also transfer- and sweat-resistant). Name notwithstanding, this color isn’t just designed for use on gray hair; it can just as effectively cover incoming roots that don’t match your dye job or quickly freshen up highlights or lowlights that have grown out between appointments. Gray Away comes in five colors ranging from light blonde to black and uses light-reflective pigments to help it believably blend into hair.

Before Gray Away. 

Courtesy of Gray Away

After Gray Away Instant Root Cover Up in Dark Brown.

Courtesy of Gray Away

Make rogue grays disappear. 

Plucking stray grays may be quick and efficient—and, admit it, weirdly satisfying—but so is camouflaging them with Gray Away. The latter feels infinitely more civilized, and thus, even more satisfying. With Gray Away in hand, whenever a silvery strand suddenly reveals itself, you’ll be ready to hit delete. 

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Everpro Gray Away Instant Root Cover Up

Fake fuller hair. (New mamas, take note!) 

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