Best Dressed Members Of The Shichibukai In One Piece


  • Eiichiro Oda’s character designs in One Piece are colorful and creative, showcasing his mastery as an artist.
  • The Shichibukai, a group of former warlords, have distinctive and visually interesting fashion senses.
  • Characters like Law, Moria, Hancock, Doflamingo, Mihawk, and Crocodile have unique outfits that reflect their personalities and add to their overall appeal.

Eiichiro Oda is an absolute master at long-term storytelling, but he’s also proven that he’s undoubtedly one of the best artists in the manga industry regarding character design. Since the world of One Piece is very colorful, creative, and incredibly wacky, it means that Oda has a lot of freedom when it comes to creating his characters, often going above and beyond to make some of the story’s key figures as visually interesting as possible.


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This most definitely applies to the Shichibukai, a group of former warlords who were backed by the World Government to maintain the balance of power. Being in such a high position means that many members of the group dress for the occasion, but there’s a select few who have an incredibly distinctive fashion sense that they will always show off, even if they’re about to partake in an intense battle.

Because the Shichibukai has been disbanded, all individuals who were ever considered to be a member of the group will be counted in this list.

6 Trafalgar D. Law

Long Black Trench Coat Provides A Formal Look For The Captain Of The Heart Pirates

Trafalgar Law

This specifically refers to Law’s outfit after the timeskip, as this is when he’s revealed to be a member of the Shichibukai for a short while before his position gets revoked. Once fans get to finally see Law for the first time after two years, he appears to have drastically updated his outfit, switching his casual hoodie for a long black trench coat with his crew symbol at the bottom.

It’s the most formal Law has ever looked in the series, and there’s no doubt that he chose this outfit for its slightly more villainous aesthetic, which perfectly suits his new position as a Shichibukai member. Of course, it also wouldn’t be Law without his classic white snow cap and trusty blade, which he always rests on his shoulder, just in case anyone gets any smart ideas. It might not be the most practical outfit for fighting, but it’s still the flashiest Law has ever looked in the series.

5 Gecko Moria

It’s Easy To Forget Just How Professional And Classy Moria’s Outfit Is

Gecko Moria holding up a soul

Despite Gecko Moria being the laziest member of the Shichibukai, he still makes a real effort to look as sharp as possible, even when he’s simply lounging around Thriller Bark with his zombies. Moria’s dark and gothic-inspired outfit features a fishnet undershirt, a long black jacket with extremely spiky collars, and a large cravat that hangs just under his gigantic head.


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When Moria is shown through flashbacks, he is also portrayed wearing very dark and bleak clothing, with a long leather jacket being his favorite piece of clothing. But as he’s gotten older, he’s retained the visual style, while also having a much smarter and more formal presentation. Considering how jarring his actual appearance is, it can be easy to forget just how unique and interesting Moria’s outfit is, especially for someone as slothful as him.

4 Boa Hancock

Long Purple Dress And Golden Earrings Ooze Style

Boa Hancock looking angry

Hancock changes her appearance numerous times throughout the series, but her most iconic outfit to many fans is the long purple dress that she began wearing during the Marineford War. Despite this fit being pretty basic, it’s still a very sleek and luxurious choice of clothing that also features a few Kuja designs to help make it even more eye-catching.

In all of her appearances, Hancock will always be wearing her giant golden earrings, along with her black high heels, which she isn’t afraid to use as lethal weapons if the situation calls for it. This outfit goes to show that wearing as much as possible doesn’t always make a character visually interesting, since Hancock manages to combine a pretty basic outfit with a few minimal additions to create a memorable look that appears both flashy and luxurious, perfect for someone of her high caliber.

3 Donquixote Doflamingo

Showcases His Wild And Chaotic Personality Through His Dress Sense

Donquixote Doflamingo

Despite being such a dark and malicious individual, Doflamingo sports an incredibly bright and flamboyant outfit that helps him stand out from every other villain in the series. His open white undershirt and groovy patterned pants are important parts of his outfit, but by far the most recognizable addition is his gigantic pink feathered coat, which he always keeps firmly resting on his shoulders.

Doflamingo has a few extra features that also show just how much care he takes in his appearance, such as the jolly rogers on each of his wrists, along with his signature shaded glasses, which have become a staple of his character. This maniacal Shichibukai member manages to wear some extremely eye-catching clothes while still having a hint of professionalism to his overall appearance.

2 Dracule Mihawk

Red And Black Swordsman Attire Is Stylish, Eye-Catching, And Incredibly Unique

Dracule Mihawk

Mihawk has one of the most striking appearances in all of One Piece, not just because of his permanent scowl, which never leaves his face, but especially due to his elaborate outfit that looks like something straight out of The Three Musketeers. His long open coat, which reaches down to his ankles is partly pitch black on the outside, but the interior is more of a dark red, and it’s these two colors that he sports for much of his outfit, including his patterned sleeves.


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His wide-brimmed black hat was a fashion staple among traditional Spanish swordsmen, but Mihawk has even gone ahead and decorated it with a large plume, just in case he wasn’t already showing up his opponents when it came to style. Mihawk knows how to dress for the occasion, with his outfit being a clever callback to classic swordsmen’s attire while also featuring a few of Mihawk’s very own personal ornaments to boot.

1 Crocodile

From The Long Black Fur Coat To The Glistening Golden Hook, Crocodile Knows Exactly How To Dress For An Occasion


Compared to a lot of the other Shichibukai members, Crocodile can seem like a little bit of an afterthought considering he’s only appeared a handful of times since the Alabasta arc, but when he did initially show up for the first time, he blew fans away with his endless charisma and style. No matter where he is or what he’s doing, Crocodile always makes sure he’s dressed to the nines, wearing a snazzy orange and black undershirt which is tucked into a pair of formal gray pants along with a shiny black belt.

That’s not all though, as he also loves wearing a giant black coat that has been fitted with a fur collar to prove to his enemies just how much of a luxurious lifestyle he lives. Having a hook for a hand has been a common sight in pirate shows and movies for many years, but Crocodile manages to make it more of a fashion statement than anything else since his has been turned completely golden, making it captivating to look at. Crocodile is without a doubt the best-dressed member of the Shichibukai, alongside being one of the most stylish characters in all of One Piece who fans can only hope will have a more prominent role in the story very soon.

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