Best dressed NFL players ahead of Week 1: A look at who brought out bold looks to kick off the 2023 season

They say when you look good, you feel good. And maybe when you feel good, you play good? Extending the saying may not work grammar-wise, but for a lot of players wearing their best fit before games gives them that extra boost of confidence needed when they step out on the field.

Ahead of the games and at press conference is a time a lot of players use to show off their personal style and express themselves through fashion. Some players go bold with it, others take a formal approach, while some just go simple with a casual look.

Often the looks ahead of the game are so iconic and memorable that they end up going viral and being referenced for years to come. Soon we will find out who win their first game of the season, but for now we can look at who treated the walk into the stadium like a red carpet and got a W for their outfit selection. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best and wildest looks from Week 1:

Joe Burrow got paid this week and it looks like he spent some of that money on a new suit. This look gives off luxury with modern touches and of course includes some signature Joey B sunglasses.

Odell Beckham Jr. is set to play his first game in over a year and his first game in purple as he prepares to suit up for the Ravens. He went with a Deion Sanders tee for pregame, maybe hoping to channel some of the same winning energy that Prime Time is having in Colorado this year. 

I think cheetah print would’ve been an approprite option, but Tyreek Hill went with a different vision.

Remember when I said some players keep it simple? Justin Herbert is one of those players.

The defending NFC Champion looks locked in.

Tua Tagovailoa looks like a walking advertisement for the Dolphins Pro Shop.

From an on theme orange vest, to matching prints and butterflies, the Browns showed up with some unique looks.

Zay Flowers did not go subtle with his NFL debut jewlery.

Vintage, or vintage looking, sports t-shirts are a huge trend and we are seeing many players go with this look for Week 1. This time it’s a crossover with the NBA.

Anthony Richardson’s fit does remind me of people who dress up from the waist up for video calls, but toss on a pair of shorts that won’t be seen on camera and the color and the accessorizing adds to the bold look. I love the color of this suit and while as a whole people will either love or hate this outfit, you have it admit it makes a statement.

This look speaks for itself.

Browns players supporting Browns players.

Sweater vest central. Think they called each other ahead of time to plan this?

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