Hair Colour Trends To Try For Spring 2022


SPRING IS ALMOST HERE, which signals sunnier days, the beginning of bikini season and, of course, a new wave of hair and beauty trends.

Among the most exciting aspects of seasonal resets is the emergence of a host of fresh hair colours. Particularly for spring, as we swap darker, winter-friendly palettes for hues that are ready for frolicking in flower-filled fields and alfresco Sunday brunches.

As we gear up to welcome the warmer months with open arms, BAZAAR turns to the experts for guidance on what is going to be hot (no pun intended) this season.

Bec Hill–Scott, Master Colourist at Oscar Oscar salon in Bondi, asserts that we can most certainly look toward the realm of celebrity for inspiration this year. Below, she helps us dissect the go-to spring colours, and how you can care for your hair to make them pop.

Buttery blondes


Billie Eilish may have reverted back to her brunette roots, but her platinum moment of yesteryear is still having an impact. Add to Eilish’s influence the hype around the impending Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde and confirmation that Legally Blonde 3 is in the works, blonde ambition was bound to be at the forefront of our minds this season.

When it comes to scalp bleaches, “Golden tones have been emerging as we head into the warmer months,” says Hill-Scott. “Guests have been wanting to embrace a change from the cool and ashy tones in their blonde we’ve seen for so long and wanting to see more buttery, creamy more natural hues throughout their hair being inspired by Billie Eilish and Sydney Sweeney.”


“These tones enhance more of a brightness and glow throughout your colour and are often easier to maintain as blondes will often want to throw a warm reflection throughout the life of your colour.”

While it may be one of the more tedious shades to maintain, the almost-platinum blonde is a look that will make a statement this spring — then endure for seasons to come.

Copper tones


Copper hair has been the colour trend of 2022, sported by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Barbie Ferreira and briefly even Zendaya.

“Copper and apricot shades have also been a standout. It has been a trending pin on Pinterest for a few years now but ever since stars like Kendall Jenner and Doja Cat have embraced these tones it’s given guests newfound bravery to try these bold colours they’ve admired for so long,” explains Hill–Scott.


Copper locks offer variety, and you can opt for strawberry blonde, cherry, or a rose brunette shade depending on the level of intensity and maintenance you are looking for.

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Pink, pink and pink


Blame it on Barbiecore or the sartorial dominance of Valentino PP Pink, but pink hair is back with vengeance this spring.

While the past summer may have seen lilacs and violet hues take hold, this season expect to see everything shrouded in washes of pink. From soft cherry blossom and cotton candy shades to flamingo and fuschias dominate your Instagram feeds.

This trend has taken off across the pond amongst fashionable figures of all gender identities, perhaps thanks to the success of Evan Mock and his iconic bubblegum buzzcut.


“Whether you’re wanting to add a subtle hue of rose to your hair, or to go the full Frenchie from Grease there is a pink shade for every skin tone. Pink tones work best on blondes as it helps to allow the true colour to shine through, so if you’re considering this shade you may need to go lighter as well,” Hill–Scott explains.

She adds, “Fashion shades are notorious for fading quickly and while this can work to your advantage if you’re wanting a fun temporary change, maintaining your cotton candy tresses will require professional hair care.”

In the interim, you can freshen up your pink ‘do with demi-permanent dyes or colour glosses, such as this pink Colour Fresh Mask from Wella Professionals. Alternatively, take a leaf out of Lizzo’s book and opt for a wig — or clip in extensions — to indulge in the trends with no long-term commitment.

Lived-in roots


Balayage is back — but not in the 2016-dip-dye style you may be imagining.

Instead, for spring 2022 we turn to lived-in roots, the low-maintenance colour that is the stuff of bottle blondes’ dreams.

“For those considering going lighter or current blondes who are struggling with maintenance, a lived in blonde is a great way to extend the life of your colour without a harsh line giving away your regrowth,” explains Hill–Scott. “Adding a root shadow to your fresh highlights will give a softness to your colour and allow your hair to grow out without looking like you need to get it re-done.”

This is a trend that will tie you over into the summer months and

Warm brunette


While shades of blonde may reign as the typecast summer colour, warm brunette tones are always a fabulous choice for spring. In fact, with an array of celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez turning to caramel browns this year, could brunette be the shade of the spring?

For brunettes, Hill–Scott says, “Adding a shimmer of highlights will create more dimension and glow to your colour. You would be surprised what a few caramel highlights can do to liven up your brunette while still keeping it soft and subtle.”

Adding some warmth to your winter locks can be a great way to welcome in the season — without too much commitment.


How do you best look after colour treated hair?

While the effort it takes to maintain the vibrance of your dye job depends on the colour you have chosen, one thing that is imperative when flirting with regular colouring sessions is that you upkeep the health of your hair.

The first (and easiest) step to ensuring healthy locks is simply to wash your hair properly. We all need different wash routines depending on our the current health, texture and treatment of our hair. Find a comprehensive guide on how to work out the right regimen for you here.

Further, maintaining dyed hair with treatments can help it feel softer and thus make your colour pop more. Popping into your local salon for an indulgent hair treatment — such as the Protein Restore or Moisture Revival Masques at Oscar Oscar — is an investment that pays off. At home hair care products such as Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector Treatment or the K18 Leave-In Molecullar Repair Hair Mask can also do wonders to help colour damaged hair when in a pinch.

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