How to Find the Perfect Bra for Your Breast Shape

There are multiple bras out on the market today, and picking the perfect one can be quite difficult. There are many different styles, materials, purposes, and fits, all of which play an important role in determining what wholesale shapewear is best for you. Listed below are 8 different bra styles and a little bit about each of their purpose.

T-Shirt Bra

How to Find the Perfect Bra for Your Breast Shape

This bra can be referred to by many different names, such as T-shirt or contour bra. It essentially performs that role of hiding under clothing so that you will not see it through the fabric. The cups of the bra are always in place, even when not being worn. These type of bras are very good for nipple coverage.

Balconette Bra/Demi Bra

How to Find the Perfect Bra for Your Breast Shape

Although these are listed together, they are both different bra types. Many people confuse these two as being the same. The balconette bra is a full-coverage bra with a cup that is lower to show off more of the top of the breast. Whereas the demi bra, has a cup that is even lower than the balconette and the tops of the cup are cut straight across. The demi bra is good for lower neck outfits and also good for those with a shallower type of breast because it lifts them up without creating cleavage.

Push-up braIf you want to lift up your breasts and create a nice cleavage, then the push-up bra is the perfect style for you. This is also a good style for those with breast asymmetry, meaning one breast is a bit larger than the other.

Underwire Bra

How to Find the Perfect Bra for Your Breast Shape

Underwire bras are very good for those that enjoy feeling supported. They help to keep the breasts close to the chest. Some find this style uncomfortable. The underwire bra comes in different styles such as demi, plunge, and full-coverage.


How to Find the Perfect Bra for Your Breast Shape

These are one of the popular new styles of bras. These are made without clasps and can be put on right over your head. Many Bralettes are made of lace material and have adjustable straps. They are very comfortable and can be worn to bed, or even as sexy lingerie. For those women with fuller chests, there are Bralettes made with underwire for more support.

Sports Bra

How to Find the Perfect Bra for Your Breast Shape

Sports bras are perfect to wear when working out. They come in different styles for impact such as low, medium, or high. If you are running, you want a higher impact bra to keep you supported. Lower impact sports bras would be for such activities as yoga.

Minimizer Bra

These are popular for those women who have larger breasts. They offer full-coverage that helps to minimize the appearance of larger breasts. It helps spread the breasts across the chest rather than together.

Strapless or Convertible Bras

Strapless bras are chosen for outfits that show off skin. Convertible bras are similar but allow you to add and change straps into different patterns. If you are looking for more of a versatility then chose a convertible bra.

These are some of the basic bra styles out there on the wholesale bra market. Choosing the perfect bra can be difficult, but with knowing its intended use or purpose can make it a lot easier.

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