Hoyeon On K-Beauty, Red Hair And The Top Dermatologist Tip She Swears By

On how she wakes up in the morning

When I get up, I like to turn music on before all else. Then I like to drink a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach. I think it washes away the stuffiness or dryness that you might feel [in the morning]. Then I have breakfast, and even if I don’t, I always like to have a cold cup of iced Americano.

On her BAFTAs look

“When I saw Hoyeon’s fitting photos of her wearing the gold Louis Vuitton dress, I envisioned a nod to Old Hollywood,” explained make-up artist Nina Park. “I immediately started opening all my red lipsticks and swatching for the perfect red. I found it with  Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte in 505 Attrape Coeur.”

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I’ll be wearing Louis Vuitton of course. We want to go a little bit classic so I’m wearing a custom-made gold bustier dress. I think we are also going to be doing my favourite make-up look, which is a red lip. 

Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte – 505 Attrape Coeur

On the best beauty tip she’s received

One tip that I always try to stick to is to drink a lot of water. I’ve realised over the years that no matter what great product you might use on the outside, it’s all temporary if you’re not hydrated from within. That tip was from my mum. 

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On star signs

I’m actually a Cancer and the only thing I remember about Cancers is they’re described as a pacifist, so peace-loving. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of star signs, but that’s one thing that I do remember and hold onto from my personal sign. 

On her skincare routine

Whether it’s my evening or daytime routine, or when I’m travelling, my favourite skincare product is Lancôme’s Advanced Genefique Serum. I take a cotton swab and use toner to smooth out my skin first, then use the serum, then cream and then lastly eye cream. Out of all those stages, serum is the most important for me, because that’s when you can really charge the hydration levels in your skin. Toners smooth out the skin, serums are for hydration, and then the cream creates a protective wall. 

On K-Beauty

When we talk about anti-ageing in Korea and how to prevent wrinkles, one of the tips that I hear a lot from Korean make-up artists is that you should use one sheet mask per day. We talk about sheet masks a lot in Korea! There’s definitely more focus on skincare than make-up [in Korea], and we’re really into home care. It’s about making sure that you focus on the skin texture and taking care of the basics in your skincare routine. 

On her favourite ways to work out

I’ve been doing Pilates for about eight years now. One of the reasons I love it is because it’s a workout that focuses on your core muscles. As an actor, and as a model, it’s very important for me to have good posture and stand well, and to do that you need to focus on your core muscles. I’m drawn to it because it takes care of the core in a really detailed way. I have relatively long legs and arms, and when your body is like that it’s bound to become more stiff as you don’t stretch as much – Pilates is a great way to increase your flexibility and stretch it all out. 

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