Jon Rahm’s beer offer and the Masters best-dressed patron awards

Jon Rahm at Augusta National.

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Hello, friends and happy Sunday morning from Augusta, Georgia! We got through a very rainy day on Saturday and I’m looking forward to a very full day of golf on this lovely Easter Sunday. Even though the rain fell heavily on most of our Masters Moving Day, there was still plenty of action happening behind the scenes at Augusta National. Let’s get into it.

Beer for Jon Rahm

Once play was called for the day at Augusta National on Saturday afternoon, folks in the media center turned to the beer station. As golf journalists sipped on their Crows Nest beers, Jon Rahm was offered the same liquid bread as he walked off the course.

I’d pay good money to see Rahm’s reaction to this fan’s offer, because I know he takes himself very seriously when he’s between the ropes. Did he acknowledge it? And if so, did he find it funny?

It would’ve been pretty awesome to see him the slam it, but unfortunately, I don’t think that kind of thing flies at Augusta National the way it did at Whistling Straits.

Justin Thomas at the Ryder Cup

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Rahm, if you’re reading this, let me know please let me know what you thought.

The Masters best-dressed awards

Masters week isn’t just about the golf. It’s about finding the perfect outfit to wear when you’re out on the course. Augusta National in April is golf’s version of New York Fashion Week. I’ve seen gals dressed to the nines since Monday morning. Sun dresses, rompers and white jeans are all the rage, and even the rain couldn’t put a stop to white denim on Saturday at Augusta National.

I want to give a special shout-out to this woman who knew that her white jeans were perfect for a day at Augusta National, even with the weather forecast offering a preponderance of evidence to the contrary. Once you get your photo, keeping those pants clean is no longer important. She came, she got her photo and she left covered in mud.

The Masters social accounts have also made it a point to highlight the coolest patron outfits this week. There’s been a lot of throwback looks out on the course.

I am very obsessed with this 1997 Masters jacket. I just wish they had a 2023 version of this thing in the merchandise shop.

You can’t go too far at the Masters without seeing a green Masters bucket hat. I like them, but definitely don’t think I could pull one off. Of course, that didn’t stop me from buying one when I hit the merchandise tent, because spending money at Augusta National is like spending money at the airport before your flight — it just doesn’t count. At least not until you check your bank account.

A patron in a Masters bucket hat

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Another one of my favorite looks this week has been the vintage Masters ticket button-downs.

A patron at the Masters

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A patron at the Masters

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And finally, I’d be remiss not to show you all the green numbers my coworkers and I sported on Wednesday at Augusta National.

Zephyr Melton (left), Claire Rogers (center) and James Colgan (right) at the Masters

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