Staten Island’s Best Dressed: Fun photos of gazers of the spectacular solar eclipse

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Featured in this week’s Staten Island’s Best Dressed are just a few of the hundreds of Staten Islanders who bore witness to the solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, gazing up at the sky around 2 p.m. with flimsy eclipse glasses perched on their noses.

On Staten Island, the solar eclipse reached 89% totality around 3:25 p.m. — resulting in the sun appearing as a slim crescent shape to skywatchers. Residents could be seen outside with glasses that allowed them to look safely at the sky from their front lawns, in public spaces, local parks and more. A watch party at the Ferryhawks home ballpark, Staten Island University Hospital Community Park, St. George, was also well attended, among other public gatherings.

A solar eclipse in New York proved a big deal to Staten Islanders, who appreciated its rarity (the last total solar eclipse visible from New York occurred on July 11, 1991) and awe-inspiring qualities. Whether it was its scientific significance, sheer spectacle, or excitement shared with family and friends, the eclipse lent a sense of community. And although it was not a total solar eclipse, most everyone agrees it was totally fun.

See the photos below for a glimpse into the event and send your photos for future installments of this column to [email protected]. Be sure to include clear photos with details of the event and names of everyone in the photos.

Courtesy Martha Schultz

The Schultz family enjoys the historical moment of the Eclipse 2024 by the beach of Sharrots and Hylan Blvd. (Courtesy Martha Schultz)Courtesy Martha Schultz

Courtesy  Dana Walker-Boyd

Dana Walker-Boyd, left, Councilwoman Kamillah Hanks, and Public Administrator Edwina Martin enjoy the eclipse at Ferryhawks Stadium, St. George. (Courtesy Dana Walker-Boyd)Courtesy Dana Walker-Boyd

Courtesy Kerri Ettinger

Reagan Driscoll, left, Eva Myssura, Kelsey Driscoll, and Leila Ettinger are spellbound by the eclipse. (Courtesy Kerri Ettinger)Courtesy Kerri Ettinger

Courtesy Melissa Tierney

A.J. Tierney is enthralled by the solar eclipse. (Courtesy Melissa Tierney)Courtesy Melissa Tierney

Courtesy Jennifer Mallen

Jennifer Mallen, left, Jackie Lamberti, Patrick Mooney, Linda Baran, and Michele Esposito were in awe of the eclipse. (Courtesy Jennifer Mallen)Courtesy Jennifer Mallen

Courtesy Kerri Ettinger

Children of Hartford Avenue are ready for their eclipse viewing! (Courtesy Kerri Ettinger)Courtesy Kerri Ettinger

Courtesy Brenda Laino

From left, Nannie, Brenda, Arielle, and Alexis Laino enjoy the eclipse together. (Courtesy Brenda Laino)Courtesy Brenda Laino

Courtesy Katie Blaine

Cousins Riley Blaine and James DeNitto are transfixed by the eclipse. (Courtesy Katie Blaine)Courtesy Katie Blaine

Courtesy Ann Nora Conte

Ann Nora and Bob Conte of Willowbrook enjoy the elcipse on their front lawn. (Courtesy Ann Nora Conte)Courtesy Ann Nora Conte

Courtesy Jessica Ann Monte

Gianna Monte and Thomas Monte are dazzled by the eclipse. (Courtesy Jessica Ann Monte)Courtesy Jessica Ann Monte

Courtesy Jessica Ann Monte

Joseph Saryian, Sofia Cilento, Nicholas DeMaria and Mia Bonsangue at P.S. 56 in Rossville. (Courtesy Jessica Ann Monte)Courtesy Jessica Ann Monte

Courtesy Erin Lowe

Sue Meyer, left, Paul Sorce, and Chuck Meyerare spellbound by the eclipse. (Courtesy Erin Lowe)Courtesy Erin Lowe

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