The Best Dressed Black Creatives On Instagram This Week

The Best Dressed Black Creatives On Instagram This Week

Amidst the #barbiecore and #mermaidcore, Black creatives are still expressing their individuality. While the summer heat doesn’t look like it’s cooling down soon, our best dressed took advantage of the week by showing skin.

Arms, legs, abs, or toes, it’s clear everyone was hot. This week, we’ve seen a few trendy pieces like the elongated frilly ruffles take center stage following sheer printed tops and loads of oversized pants. Also, to my surprise, skirts, and dresses were leading the charts this week from midi to maxi. Pink also snuck into this week’s wardrobe, so a hint of #barbiecore might’ve made it to our favorite fashion forwards.

Influencer Kai Cenat took menswear to new heights with his multi-layered look, his fall-inspired vest over a white top, and scrunched jeans. Alongside Sam Kader’s all-dark ensemble, we could see fall outfits gradually in the coming weeks. With the back-to-school season quickly approaching, I’m looking forward to seeing what modern looks we can expect from students and if the vintage resurgence is still around.

Let’s be honest; Instagram can serve as the best place to find your next outfit. There is nothing wrong with grabbing a little inspiration from the Internet, and these creatives brought the best style this week.

For the full list, head over to Girls United.

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