The Many Bags of the Best Dressed NFL Players

Last year, we shared the bags from players of the two teams facing off in the Super Bowl. As arrivals at pro-sports games continue to become a runway in its on rights, with players hiring stylists for their arrival and departure looks, the bag game has also continued to expand.

Of course, a larger duffle bag is still the choice of many, but I have loved seeing different players opt for more premiere designer statement bags, including Hermès. Typically, players will leave with their team, board the plane together, hop on and off the same bus, and then leave together.

The coverage before and after the game has been a key moment for players to further their own personal branding, which can lead to more sponsorships as well. Take a look at some of the most stylish players and the bags they have been spotted carrying when they head to their NFL games!

Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce Bottega Veneta Black Duffle

Jalen Hurts – Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback

Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback

Patrick Mahomes Rimowa Suitcase

George Kittle – San Francisco 49ers Tight End

Christian McCaffrey – San Francisco 49ers Running Back

Christian McCaffrey Hermes Birkin

Jamal Adams – Seattle Seahawks Safety

Jamal Adams Hermes Birkin

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