Why Roger Moore was the best-dressed Bond

But Moore’s natural presence and 6ft 1in frame also meant some of his Bond looks remain the most iconic and stylish; the black polo neck with gun holster in Live and Let Die, later referenced by Daniel Craig’s Bond in the poster for Spectre; the chic safari suit in Octopussy and princely sports jackets in Prince of Wales checks.Spare a thought for Timothy Dalton, who followed in the role in the 1980s; he didn’t stand a chance against Moore’s patrician sense of rightness. Later Bonds became more and more casual – Pierce Brosnan’s blousons, Daniel Craig’s sportswear – but the Moore incarnation stands as testament to stately British style. 

It’s also a reminder of a time when actors truly relished the sheer fabulousness of old-school showbusiness; Moore had a fondness for the finer things, as evident in his houses in Monaco and Crans (as the jetset locals call it) and the abundance of Cartier pens, Gucci stationery and Degas drawings, all available in the auction. 

After M catches Bond in flagrante yet again, in The Spy Who Loved Me, he asks “What do you think you’re doing?” “Keeping the British end up, sir,” replies Moore wryly. He very much did. 

Bond under the hammer

Kästle skis – £800-£1200

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